Oley Elate about the present and the future of record labels

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Oley Elate Radio-baltika

Oley Elate about the present and the future of record labels

In order to properly convey their creativity to the audience, not enough to be talented musician …
Help professionals will greatly increase your chances to catch the fancy of the music audience. sound
producer producing center RMC Records and recording studio RMC Recording STudio Oley Elate kindly agreed to highlight this issue.


— What is the main task of the record labels? Do I need a record label artist or record label needs artists
— Generally speaking, then, of course, the label — it’s a good opportunity for the artist, because the label is not
some unknown organism is first and foremost, people, this is a team well understands the market and
the music industry, in which each person understands its purpose and puts into his job
understanding of the forces. Therefore, the actor, referring to the company receiving its professional supporters
the project and does not waste power, passing those new ways for him to organize his project, which label
passed more than once. That’s a savings of strength, energy, resources, etc., because the artist has to be creative and
do not waste time on the organization, promotion, even if it’s just the internet or similar simple in appearance
ways that take time and effort is not less than the more complex mechanisms in the promotion.
With regard to the usefulness label artists, it is obvious that, as the very idea of ​​the project and the label is inseparable, in general, the label does not exist without artists like, in general, really, the actor does not exist without a label, if, Of course, it is not a wandering artist, for example, organ-grinder …

Returning to the first question on the label problems, it is, of course, evident in the music industry a lot of problems that are not so easy to implement, for which you need experience, the financial component and, of course, the management of the project as a whole. The artist often do not fully understand the value of his work, and good ideas can drown in the misunderstanding or even impossible to look the part itself, for this purpose there are music producers, image-makers, planners, directors, administrators and many other people who are important to your ultimate success . Say, for instance, whether a musician can record high quality in the studio, I mean the technical side of the issue, its song? Of course, it will take part in the sound engineer, a technician, a music producer — and then your song will thus gems that sparkle. These people — like cutters of your ideas and thoughts. It is also the task of labels — is the organization of concerts, tours, sales of your recorded material, and more particularly without which today can not be full-time job and a performance artist.
Here is the list, which is usually the actor voiced about the tasks and goals of the label:
— Find interesting musical material, and the creation of new sound of its music concept;
— Producing and writing;
— Development package to promote artists, including visual range (exterior photos, video clips, PR);
— The release of recordings on physical media distribution in the digital format via the dealer network;
— The organization of live performances of musicians and more.

— Today is often said that for the record companies, the majors, had fallen on hard times: sales of music on physical media is steadily declining, and sales priority in digital format and is owned by a major missed tors. How do you assess the current situation and what options do you see the further existence for record labels?
— I do not see anything wrong with that priorities have changed as the current content sales, it is likely to say that we have come to a kind of globalization and in the segment of the music industry. I think just thinking people should take into account the changes and change. It’s not bad, that everything becomes more accessible and simple, and labels should also keep pace with the times and not to hinder the development processes, but rather to improve, try to add the essence of things. What I mean by this expression? I’ll try to give you an example: let’s say, with the development of technology access to music content has become easier, but we have lost the quality of being very strong. So, our job as the music industry — back in the race as a listener and, if possible, to save the life of the media, who remained behind time. What is it for? I think the answer is simple: to ensure that people have a choice, so you have an opportunity to choose — like CD, Vinyl, or, or, say, digital media. You are welcome! You should have every opportunity. I believe that progress — an opportunity to make friends all ages, to take the best from all the time, and not the total destruction of all of the past as such.
With regard to the continued existence of labels — for them I do not see any prospects of sad. This is an industry that will always be needed. Maybe in the future it will change its appearance, for example, it will be more virtualized, but as a structure that helps musicians, it is unlikely to lose its relevance, of course, if the music does not cease to exist as a class.
I would like to give an example of how to change the situation as a whole: for example, today we have a huge number of recording studios. What is behind this number is? As a rule, dilettantism and inability or lack of knowledge of the basic foundations. How to deal with this situation? People come to the so-called studio and get a completely obscene services, I’m not talking about participation in music in general, rather interest. In Western countries, there are associations, unions recording studios, which pose a particular problem, for example, find a compromise and recognize the general recording formats. This refers to the technical side, and more. Why all this? For ease of operation, and to interact with each other, for the convenience of consumers and artists. If this was not done, I think consumers have, say, a thousand different formats, which would be confused, even a professional. The same progress and comfort, as we said above. With international experience, we as a label included in the association and decided to create a similar, and in St. Petersburg, it will get really skilled studio, staffed by professionals who know their job: sound engineers, technicians, music producers, etc. So, I think, in the near future the situation in St. Petersburg will change and people will be able to know where they can get high-quality services on a global scale, if you will.
— What are the goals and objectives you set for yourself, creating associations such record labels? What parameters must comply with the studio in order to get into such a community?

— As I have already said, the task of such associations — is to save time, resources and effort musicians, people who want to get the services in the field of recording. With regard to the parameters of the studios as a whole, I think, this is not some kind of surprise for the organizers. In fact, any organizer of the studio really appreciates his position as a label, and many are cheated, saying that their level corresponds to the international. This creates something like a temporary commission, which will determine the adequacy of the studio and sound-directors. Well, and, of course, and not all of the city will want to enter the studio in the association, but the organization is fully assumes voluntary participation. According to the idea and experience, it is a nonprofit organization that will set goals and targets for improving the overall situation in the field of recording. Perhaps there will be created all sorts of competitions and events.
— Do I understand that the «home» the studio, in principle, unable to afford the musician-quality recording services, arrangements and other related services?
— You know, this is a complex question. For example, there is a certain genius, educated, having the resources to build a studio at home. Such a person is fully able to provide quality service for you, but if he has a legal right to engage in such activities? And see if you can make a claim to this person, if something does not suit you? So, of course, on the one hand, this probability is (to get high-quality record), but on the other hand, it should be governed by the laws of society and, therefore, is another of the objectives of the association — to bring such a studio on a legal level, if they are good, and the people without qualification, to leave where they want to be, but, without prejudice to the customer, who, having information about the studio, will not receive bad service.
— Does RMC Records Implements by far any projects in support of the musicians?
— Yes, of course, such projects exist. «EURASIA» Beautiful design. The idea of ​​this project — writing the music for all the verses of the great and the heart of the Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. Already four albums recorded with musicians such as Sergei Chigrakov, Nail Kadyrov, who is a composer of music, Oley Elate — music producer, Natalia Sechkareva Vladimir Savienok, Alexei Smirnov, Andrey Sysoev, Zahar Mai, Sergey Gasanov, Sergei Jarosik and many others.
The project «Emmett Brown» — a young team, who came to our walls, to record an album very high quality music. presentation of the album is expected.
Sergey Hasanov project — known Eastern artist. Prepares performance with his participation, and more. This is perhaps a topic for another conversation.
RMCRecords also holds competitions for musicians, listening to the producing, and much more. You can follow us on www.rmcrecords.com site.
Prepared Artem Pavlov