You want to create your own studio? With MuzTorg it’s easy!

Oley Elate
Oley Elate

You want to create your own studio? With MuzTorg it’s easy!

Oley Elate, musician and sound engineer, the creation of its new BIDMA- studio and how it helped him in St. Petersburg


— the name of your studio?

— We decided to call it «Bidma studio» . The word «bidma» — a secret, it means the people who hold the knowledge, are on the path of knowledge.

— Tell me, why did you decide to create your own studio?

— We do not want to pay money to other studios, but also to prove that and how to do. I spent many years sound-engineer activities, traveled extensively on tour with different groups, working sound engineer. Accordingly, the experience I have is big enough.

Since there was a shop of A & T Trade, Mayakovskaya street, there was equipment and the opportunity to buy it immediately had the idea of ​​creating his own studio.

— Can it compete with such studios as «Dobrolet,» etc…?

— Of course it can! Our technology allows today anything. On «DOBROLET» I worked hard and recorded himself, so this possibility studio know. He worked on «Ringtones», often I go there. I can say that the technique is the same everywhere, and people important to a good attitude.

— What do you mean «good attitude»?

— This means that the director and the operator understand why you came, and that as a result you want to obtain, and do not impose their vision, their ideas. This is practically everywhere, on all the studios.

— Apparently, this was the main reason for the creation of his studio?

— Oh sure.

— Where did you purchase the equipment for the studio, who helped?

— The creation of our studio is actively helping Oleg Skiba, MuzTorg store employee, one of the professionals who clearly understand that people need. Able to listen and guide the person to the right choice. In another store, we do not go. Employees MuzTorg not lazy to even come to our home to eliminate any problems! The staff here are wonderful. It was enough to hint that we had problems in the studio, and Victor Sharov, as «first aid», flew to solve them. None of us will not achieve, I can tell. There seller Tagir, it’s a miracle! Listen carefully, he would get even the moon. Any wire any order the plug. In other stores do not have such a sensitive approach to the client. There is a possibility to listen to the instrument, you all will be connected, all provide in the best way. I do not like it — will offer more. And on the technical side in MuzTorg no restrictions.

— What equipment should you have in your studio?

— It changed several times. First speaker was Hafler, a cheap option, but in principle, very good. Then we realized that for our purposes it is not enough, and came to the Mackie company’s products, which, in my opinion, the best for recording rock and blues. Mackie sound very tough, clear, transparent. This is the best studio monitors, the best value for money. We also have a Mackie consoles and Digidesign. Thanks Digidesign we will develop in the direction of quality, but the company is unlikely to change the will. This is the best option today. The keys have the Korg. 5 guitars — and all of MuzTorg: Fender, Ovation, and the three Ibanez. All microphones Shure, Rode, all communication is MuzTorg.

— How much money did you spend on equipment? average studio can cost approximately how much?

— A lot, but it is much cheaper than paying in the studio when recording the album. Its studio is very crucial, because you can enroll at any convenient time for you, the mood, it is possible to change, to correct anything, and so on, which can be done in someone else’s studio, as to pay for everything … Technique is not It stands still, and the fact that we bought yesterday, today, is already cheaper. Today, enough to buy a Korg OASYS — that’s you and the studio as an option. And in general, need to know the problem and select the equipment for them. Today, only 10 thousand dollars for the organization of a good studio.

— Give advice to young, to begin setting up a home studio?

— Young single board — first to learn from the professionals. In the creation of the studio a lot of subtleties. We proceeded from his position: that we want to record, respectively, the equipment and buy. Our studio is changing the face twice. First, we had a studio version, then in the process, we realized that some equipment simply do not need, but something in very short supply. So work and flair …

All the best.

Producer Oley Elate

Love Rock and Roll


Oley Elate & Alexander Liapin
Oley Elate & Alexander Liapin

Love Rock and Roll

Dibenko Street is on the other end of St. Petersburg,
about an hour by subway from where I live. Emerging from
under the ground with guitarist Alexander Liapin, I was a
little shocked by the flat, empty landscape, broken up here
and there by bleak 9-story Khrushchev-era buildings and
undeveloped plots of green land. But in an apartment deep
within this soul- sucking landscape, a progressive music
project is being developed by Liapin and Oley Elate. It has
little to do with Russia.

The smell of incense and the sounds
of flamenco were in the air and there were various objects of
Eastern faith on the shelves of Elate’s apartment/
computerized studio. Bronze Buddhas, books depicting
Hindu goddesses, and an English-Thai dictionary
intermingled withmusic-editing equipment. This cultural
mix in the apartment fit very well with the theme of visit.

RockMehanica (Rock Mechanics) is a project based on the
idea of fusion and collaboration, not only of musical
stylesand sounds but also of technology and live human
improvisation. Eventually, the project will showcase
theatrical performances and audio-visual presentations. The
goal here is to create something organic, combining the
obviously live humans and the not-so-dead technology
created by them. “Technology is created by humans, and
therefore has a human side to it; it can help us grow if we let
it,” said Liapin.

Surprisingly, Liapin has not seen a market in Russia for the type of music he and Elate are making. Apparently, no one here is interested in this innovative fusion project, regardless of the high-quality production. “They say they don’t need it here” and in the meantime the project has garnered plenty of interest in the US.

The guitarist thinks culture in the city if headed underground, to apartment settings like this one. A lack of spirituality combined with an over-ideological tendency in modern Russian music leaves little room for expression as Liapin and Elate intend of develop it through RockMehanica.

“New music, new culture, isn’t going anywhere, it doesn’t get past the clubs. It doesn’t get to the masses. People want to say so much that it seems like in each piece they say everything. In my generation, when jazz and blues culture was developing here, there existed a feeling of space. We could play two notes and everything would be understood; this would leave space in which other people could participate. It was spiritually interactive. Now it’s like they try to cram as much information as possible into everything they say. It’s like they feel as if there’s no tomorrow, like there’s not going to be another time to say something. And so nothing new happens, the music scene doesn’t develop. It’s just the same thing over and over again.”

What would he like his project to transmit to the Russian listener? “Nothing.” Liapin believes that music doesn’t have to say anything. It does not have to address anyone or any issue in particular. No matter the genre, he believes in making high-quality music that will, first and foremost, relax the listener. “Music should create a feeling of internal comfort,” he said.

Perhaps the creative musical standstill he described happens because there’s a feeling of hopelessness among Russians. At the same time there is a rather snobbish attitude toward changes, as if whoever is running the music business thinks he’s got it all figured out. I feel this every time I turn on the radio or television. There is a certain type of pop music that gains a lot of attention and makes plenty of money. On TV, there is an endless parade talent-less pretty faces and washed out old “stars.” Both groups incessantly lip-synch (often badly), yet dominate popular culture. And then, when one such figure, Dima Bilan, wins the Eurovision contest singing in broken English, people are proud to call him one of their own. There is also a Russian rock scene but according to Liapin nothing new happens there either.

“Spirituality went away somewhere. There’s no faith, no hope, no love,” Liapin muses. He thinks that educations is key for spiritual development but that schools today no longer cater to such growth. The fact that there’s no educative basis for spirituality brings about the deterioration of faith and hope, and subsequently of the willingness to take creative risks, to change the musical conversation.

Meanwhile in the little Krishna haven on Dibenko Street, the creative process continued. The jean-clad Liapin and Elate sporting yoga-wear completed a flamenco piece set to the rhythm of Indian drums, a collaboration of styles and moods as different from one another as the musicians’ clothing.

The Russian music scene may not find this kind of development worthwhile but the two are looking at offers for their art elsewhere in the world. Unlike many others, Liapin and Elate are not about to fight for acceptance in Russia in order to stick with the place they were born.

About rock, about the West and East

Oley Elate & Alexander Liapin Muztorg
Oley Elate & Alexander Liapin Muztorg

About rock, about the West and East

Alexander Lyapin, virtuoso guitarist «Aquarium» and «DDT» active participant «Pop Mechanics» Sergei Kuryokhin, ten years spent in America. He came back and worked on the project «Rock Mechanics». On the sidelines of a meeting in the cozy shop of musical instruments he arrived at the new Harley-Davidson, sparkling crimson joy, and with a new friend Oley Elate.
— What is the «Rock Mechanics»?
Alexander Lyapin. The project was conceived back in America now is working on an album. The text part of the English lyric. I believe that the perpetrators must be native speakers. Amy Peters penned the lyrics and sang the part of the women’s parties. About love, about girls, about a young man, about the birds …
— In general, the eternal.
A.L.  And the album is almost an eternity, for five years already … I do not know who can be trusted to work on fine note installation. I myself still do not know how to do so professionally, how to play professionally, so was looking for a partner, a good man, the spiritual, and the fate brought me together with Oley Elate. On the day of my fiftieth I was playing a concert and did not accept gifts, and gave, as it happens. And I was amazed with what professionalism as clearly and quickly, Oley made me sound check. And I asked him to work on my album.

— As a musician-programmer?
Oley Elate. I graduated from the conservatory in vocal. A computer started, when they exchanged the apartment …
— «Rock mechanics» had something to do with the «Pop-mechanics»?
A.L. Yes, our project stems directly from the «Pop-Mechanics» Sergei Kuryokhin. He and I were friends, were creative partners. Then Sergei passed away, and I went to America, settled in Silicon Valley, and there all wanted to connect the unconnected — new computer technologies developing at a breakneck pace, and live performance. Thus was born the idea of ​​»Rock Mechanics». This is an expensive high-tech project.
— That is, the mechanics are not mechanics, but simply a mixture of many elements?

A.L. Mechanics — this laptop is powerful, sound recording equipment which has been taken to the stage, plus video, live improvisation. All this together is a living mechanism where real people work. The computer we have a partner, I do not think a dead piece of iron. He sometimes I something tells, gives a new voice, from which I grow new arrangement. I myself can not think of this. I have accumulated a certain system of stereotypes. School Mussorgsky, two music education, classical violin and jazz guitar — through this basis it is difficult something living emerge. Here Oley ideas are much fresher than mine.
— America in terms of new ideas you something because surely he gave?
A.L. First of all, a palette of knowledge, experience — spiritual and technical. It was my dream, a long time ago seemed like a pipe, and she suddenly realized. I have traveled all over America by car — from California to Washington.
— Why not on a motorcycle?

A.L. This will be my next trip. Motorcycles I was interested in the eighties. This is also a mechanic that you somewhere bears. But in general I enjoy riding. I even was such a profession.
— Wild mustangs rounds?
A.L. No, I’m not to the point of a professional. I have lived and worked on a farm, was the manager of the economy, in which seven horses. He was engaged with them, heal them, clean up after them. My favorite was a horse Tamikula I cured her legs. A very touching story. The owner came and said: «Sit down a minute on Tamikulu!» I sat down and went, and he laughs, «You know, before she admit to yourself only women, men dumped!» And I realized that she was grateful to me for I was busy for three months and cured with it.
— And how there was a luxury motorcycle?
A.L. Yes, with heaven fell recently. I dreamed and dreamed, and then went to rest in the Pskov other Sasha Bush, famous biker, the Internet met with him. I visited with him, and when he returned to St. Petersburg, went into the biker club, referring to the movement of rolling-anarchy, «rolling anarchy». So I roll out this monster. I had hoped for something more modest, and I say, «You’re an adult, solid!» I sat on the Harley Davidson and realized it was mine. Hands on the ground, feet on the ground. For two months we have with them inseparable.
— Participated in the anarchist runs?

A.L. Very sensible advice I rolling-anarchists «Just never enter into any biker hangouts!» Man — this individuality, it is in itself.
— And how are you with the American habit — to drive along the shore of the ocean at night a smooth highway?
— Just the nail on the head hit! After the concerts who both pulled, and I threw the guitar, he jumped on a motorcycle — and the bay! Nicely there is a good energy in the Gulf. You’re not in a confined space inside the vehicle, and connected with the outside world, a sense of unity with the city there. Some realization of free start.
— Motorcycle — it’s still a few selfish, he’s designed for one, maximum of two people …
A.L. Well, you can now assemble a motorcycle …
— And selfish roller skating, there’s solitude.
O.E. And I love the videos. In general, a healthy ego — that’s fine.
— There is an opinion that of all people the most creative musicians of selfish and greedy. It’s true?
A.L. I do not think.
O.E. Where you’ve seen the rich musicians?
A.L. My bike is worth big money, and I could not buy it, if not in the credits got long … Money — it means they are easier ways of making music. Save money — you think of apartments currently buy? No, I spend on computers, guitars.
— The specificity of the St. Petersburg rock, his forte was a protest.
A.L. It’s all fiction. There was the St. Petersburg rock! It came up with the St. Petersburg group about their subculture some. Rock — it’s everywhere rock, at least in China, where at least. And it perfectly fits the English phonetics, although I do not rule out the suitability of phonetic Japanese, Chinese, we sometimes include in their composition. Russian is also useful, but not when he shouts against Brezhnev or someone else. We want to live in peace and harmony. Here many say that Grebenshchikov text incomprehensible. But the fact is that sometimes the words do not carry anything in the sense they just musical, just help develop his musical theme.
— You are now again settled in Russia?

A.L. Well, for a while — yes. It so happened that we Oleg embraced the whole world. It often happens in the East, I was in the West. And we concur in Russia. Areas we are divided.
— About West, we talked about let’s East.
O.E. East lay on me a great reservoir, and still is. I lived in India, in China, he studied arts and medicine, and still learning. He traveled a lot and studied religious trends, in Thailand, studied music, massage, to jewelry design company did on the computer. In October, I will put a musical and theatrical equipment in Indian schools for children from poor families — this is such a charity event.
— A vocal completely abandoned?
O.E. Since the beginning of the eighties I work in live performances, but mainly as a sound engineer. On the 50th anniversary of Grebenshchikov I was asked to write a song, and suddenly I had to sing, and everyone liked it so much … Then Grebenshchikov sang at a concert. So when I was singing.
— Who are you from here?
O.E. From the woods. He wandered for unprecedented Belarusian forests, photographing bugs all, a beautiful lake, plants. I like to wander around where nobody goes. Last summer, in Belarus, I found a wonderful lake is likely to radon. In Europe, this makes a lot of money, build expensive hospital and then — deserted place. I explored the underwater suit bottom of the lake, found a lovely break — live groupers nepuganye there, they came to me and began to treat me. Thank God, these places still exist.

— You are traveling with a tent?
O.E. Differently. Sometimes even without a tent, so I spend the night in the trees.
— Maybe the fire carve?
O.E. No, the fire did not dig. I like to take some items of civilization — a small computer with a microphone, for example. I write down the sounds of nature, and then do one drives … I went into the jungle, and lived there for months.
— In the jungle, elephants mad you did not attack, the snake did not bite? From the animals had to fight back?
O.E. Never. They do not bother me. Sometimes that man-eating tiger went close. And the elephants — it’s the best SUVs in the jungle. They can sleep, and they are on the road to the house themselves dovezut.
— In general, the life of rock musicians in the West and in the East is full of adventure. Tell us about the most dangerous case when you were really scared …
O.E. Fear I have ever had. The biggest fear — it will ever wake up and realize that I can not love you people.
A.L. And I woke up one morning and suddenly saw that my finger does not bend, the mediator falls out of his hands. It was the worst that I have experienced in my life. Any would — on the edge of the abyss I found myself in the car, the horse was flying upside down. But there was panic. In the morning I lay thinking what I would do if I can not play guitar. Then it turned out that this is an occupational disease of guitarists: twisted nerve of the hand is no longer valid. This massage treatment, and I rushed to the fool of a hundred dollars to do the operation. As a result, seven years ago, I broke up with bad habits, smoking, alcohol and engaged in martial arts. With family here too separated, a lot of things changed. I started a new life …

Memories Oley Elate about Yuri Morozov

Oley Elate & Yuri Morozov
Oley Elate & Yuri Morozov

Memories Oley Elate about Yuri Morozov

In the year that way … 199 …
In the late 90s, threw me on the legendary recording studio «Melody» in
St. .Petersburg. I wandered back, I must say with great hunting not as
I had the idea of ​​the work of this studio in the city of Moscow, which is famous for
The dominance of personalities with gay. But as usual …
Life presents us with surprises, the most unexpected places.
With the work of Yuri Morozov, I know not by hearsay, and as it turned out within
even more than previously thought. In what is distant 90 one friend by giving
I tape claimed in its property group, as it turned out later,
it was the same Yuri Morozov. And entered into the hardware, I saw,
that already whitened by time with a good-natured smile and glowing eyes
man among the few survivors, said turning to me: «Hello brother!
Well, how you brought here? »

Only in such moments, you know … Who is who, and who is the «soul mates» and who is not. It was the most «soul mate,» as it turned out later, not in one generation and not in one life, Yuri Morozov.
Once, in one of the interviews that we gave Yura, we were asked how we met almost with one voice we answered a question with a question what kind of life?
In general, in my opinion, the understanding of the angels in this world is not really fair, because people are often their nameless winged creatures. But the true angels incarnated in this world and to this day in the form of extraordinary talented people, giving the world an example of the true dignity of talent and love.
I do not know how other vidili Yuri Morozov, but I’m pretty sure his ethereal appointment. In the life of Yuri Morozov, for me, it was very kind, loyal, helpful, hardworking and sensitive person. Communication with him has brought some tranquility and flight. With him it was always interesting. Even simple things seemed not commonplace and alive. Work is going on in the music of some miraculous way: you felt totally implicated in art, creativity … and time blurs the boundaries of hours, days, nights, months and years.
I am always amazed amazing ability to show business leaders to hypocrisy. For him, these same people do not seem to exist, but they are always trying to curry favor with him. And looking at himself from the outside, you know how much is solid, sublime and unusual quality. Actively communicate with Yura I became in those years when the disease it has brought a lot of anxiety. But it was understandable, for some procedures and sometimes «lack of self» when he was in the hospital. It seemed that he was not worried, at least, that he had never lived. Like all dreamed of romance and he was in constant flight of life, but the irony of himself and others, often covered his truth, goodness, filled with love shape on angular minded people. A man with great potential at times it seems to us very important unattainable, but in the case of Yuri Morozov, it was the opposite: he knew how to enjoy simple, completely unexpected things, and was able to appreciate the sincerity and honesty in people. Many times, reading something extraordinary in its literature, I came to nimu and asked what is fiction and what is true. And surprisingly, as though heard my desire to be fiction and was the very truth, he left me this opportunity. After all, in fact, that there is truth and what is fiction in reality it does not matter for us. After all, if the tale makes us better and gives us the opportunity to fly it, from my point of view, it is advisable to make it come true. Thus Jura done very often, for what I said to him before the end of his days will be grateful. After all, just having wings behind you can hover over the world and to be uncomplicated, as much as possible, to the dark side of life.

I want to say about mnogostronnosti Yuri Morozov would like to discuss with various topics of art poetry religion technical aspects of the nature of the beauty of the girls about their advantages and disadvantages and of course the irony of all that is happening around. I especially enjoyed listening to his memories of his youth. I always listened to his stories with a certain table for those wonderful days, days without cars, without ever irritating and distracting mobile phone, on a romantic, almost untouched by sentiment machines, oh, if I may say so analog investigations sides of art and creativity. view photos of those times I always drape ingenuity and concise statements of these pictures looking at them, I thought that the people involved in this in the whole plan a single frame seat clothing, props that all this had to be done by hand to spend a lot of time I tried to like to hear to feel the spirit of the time because it’s representing a whole part of me was clear as captured members of what is happening. Such stories could listen for hours. I also like to design his musical albums, because they were all drawn by hand and most surprising that these illustrations on the early albums accompanied every song, it was painted by his wife Nina. and it’s amazing how sometimes people can live together. In some of the photos I’ve seen Nina all cluttered drafts of poems, poems, and other writings of the Jura was obsessed with this work and it is this obsession spark in her eyes was visible even through a photo. I still hit something Yurina ability to anticipate and foresee. reading his books very often I osoboruet that that what he described as the future is already being accomplished and had a very real event. One day talking with Yura told me about the opportunity to make a film about him one director from France, but this idea is constantly postponed it for one reason the other. And again when once again something moved, angry, he said that this film will take off after his death and I was not surprised when that is how it happened.

I liked that Yura remained dreamer despite his young age is not. we often dreamed of him as a Get out of this dark cold gray town as soon as he recovers, and fly away to warmer climes in Thailand, under the code name «Homeland» to go on the island taking only guitar camera and good mood. unfortunately our dreams have not come true. And now every time they come to the «homeland» standing on the beach, I often think about it, but as they say in their life course. Actually writing the memories of people close to you is not an easy task because every memory of them stirs the soul.