You want to create your own studio? With MuzTorg it’s easy!

Oley Elate
Oley Elate

You want to create your own studio? With MuzTorg it’s easy!

Oley Elate, musician and sound engineer, the creation of its new BIDMA- studio and how it helped him in St. Petersburg


— the name of your studio?

— We decided to call it «Bidma studio» . The word «bidma» — a secret, it means the people who hold the knowledge, are on the path of knowledge.

— Tell me, why did you decide to create your own studio?

— We do not want to pay money to other studios, but also to prove that and how to do. I spent many years sound-engineer activities, traveled extensively on tour with different groups, working sound engineer. Accordingly, the experience I have is big enough.

Since there was a shop of A & T Trade, Mayakovskaya street, there was equipment and the opportunity to buy it immediately had the idea of ​​creating his own studio.

— Can it compete with such studios as «Dobrolet,» etc…?

— Of course it can! Our technology allows today anything. On «DOBROLET» I worked hard and recorded himself, so this possibility studio know. He worked on «Ringtones», often I go there. I can say that the technique is the same everywhere, and people important to a good attitude.

— What do you mean «good attitude»?

— This means that the director and the operator understand why you came, and that as a result you want to obtain, and do not impose their vision, their ideas. This is practically everywhere, on all the studios.

— Apparently, this was the main reason for the creation of his studio?

— Oh sure.

— Where did you purchase the equipment for the studio, who helped?

— The creation of our studio is actively helping Oleg Skiba, MuzTorg store employee, one of the professionals who clearly understand that people need. Able to listen and guide the person to the right choice. In another store, we do not go. Employees MuzTorg not lazy to even come to our home to eliminate any problems! The staff here are wonderful. It was enough to hint that we had problems in the studio, and Victor Sharov, as «first aid», flew to solve them. None of us will not achieve, I can tell. There seller Tagir, it’s a miracle! Listen carefully, he would get even the moon. Any wire any order the plug. In other stores do not have such a sensitive approach to the client. There is a possibility to listen to the instrument, you all will be connected, all provide in the best way. I do not like it — will offer more. And on the technical side in MuzTorg no restrictions.

— What equipment should you have in your studio?

— It changed several times. First speaker was Hafler, a cheap option, but in principle, very good. Then we realized that for our purposes it is not enough, and came to the Mackie company’s products, which, in my opinion, the best for recording rock and blues. Mackie sound very tough, clear, transparent. This is the best studio monitors, the best value for money. We also have a Mackie consoles and Digidesign. Thanks Digidesign we will develop in the direction of quality, but the company is unlikely to change the will. This is the best option today. The keys have the Korg. 5 guitars — and all of MuzTorg: Fender, Ovation, and the three Ibanez. All microphones Shure, Rode, all communication is MuzTorg.

— How much money did you spend on equipment? average studio can cost approximately how much?

— A lot, but it is much cheaper than paying in the studio when recording the album. Its studio is very crucial, because you can enroll at any convenient time for you, the mood, it is possible to change, to correct anything, and so on, which can be done in someone else’s studio, as to pay for everything … Technique is not It stands still, and the fact that we bought yesterday, today, is already cheaper. Today, enough to buy a Korg OASYS — that’s you and the studio as an option. And in general, need to know the problem and select the equipment for them. Today, only 10 thousand dollars for the organization of a good studio.

— Give advice to young, to begin setting up a home studio?

— Young single board — first to learn from the professionals. In the creation of the studio a lot of subtleties. We proceeded from his position: that we want to record, respectively, the equipment and buy. Our studio is changing the face twice. First, we had a studio version, then in the process, we realized that some equipment simply do not need, but something in very short supply. So work and flair …

All the best.

Producer Oley Elate