Memories Oley Elate about Yuri Morozov

Oley Elate & Yuri Morozov
Oley Elate & Yuri Morozov

Memories Oley Elate about Yuri Morozov

In the year that way … 199 …
In the late 90s, threw me on the legendary recording studio «Melody» in
St. .Petersburg. I wandered back, I must say with great hunting not as
I had the idea of ​​the work of this studio in the city of Moscow, which is famous for
The dominance of personalities with gay. But as usual …
Life presents us with surprises, the most unexpected places.
With the work of Yuri Morozov, I know not by hearsay, and as it turned out within
even more than previously thought. In what is distant 90 one friend by giving
I tape claimed in its property group, as it turned out later,
it was the same Yuri Morozov. And entered into the hardware, I saw,
that already whitened by time with a good-natured smile and glowing eyes
man among the few survivors, said turning to me: «Hello brother!
Well, how you brought here? »

Only in such moments, you know … Who is who, and who is the «soul mates» and who is not. It was the most «soul mate,» as it turned out later, not in one generation and not in one life, Yuri Morozov.
Once, in one of the interviews that we gave Yura, we were asked how we met almost with one voice we answered a question with a question what kind of life?
In general, in my opinion, the understanding of the angels in this world is not really fair, because people are often their nameless winged creatures. But the true angels incarnated in this world and to this day in the form of extraordinary talented people, giving the world an example of the true dignity of talent and love.
I do not know how other vidili Yuri Morozov, but I’m pretty sure his ethereal appointment. In the life of Yuri Morozov, for me, it was very kind, loyal, helpful, hardworking and sensitive person. Communication with him has brought some tranquility and flight. With him it was always interesting. Even simple things seemed not commonplace and alive. Work is going on in the music of some miraculous way: you felt totally implicated in art, creativity … and time blurs the boundaries of hours, days, nights, months and years.
I am always amazed amazing ability to show business leaders to hypocrisy. For him, these same people do not seem to exist, but they are always trying to curry favor with him. And looking at himself from the outside, you know how much is solid, sublime and unusual quality. Actively communicate with Yura I became in those years when the disease it has brought a lot of anxiety. But it was understandable, for some procedures and sometimes «lack of self» when he was in the hospital. It seemed that he was not worried, at least, that he had never lived. Like all dreamed of romance and he was in constant flight of life, but the irony of himself and others, often covered his truth, goodness, filled with love shape on angular minded people. A man with great potential at times it seems to us very important unattainable, but in the case of Yuri Morozov, it was the opposite: he knew how to enjoy simple, completely unexpected things, and was able to appreciate the sincerity and honesty in people. Many times, reading something extraordinary in its literature, I came to nimu and asked what is fiction and what is true. And surprisingly, as though heard my desire to be fiction and was the very truth, he left me this opportunity. After all, in fact, that there is truth and what is fiction in reality it does not matter for us. After all, if the tale makes us better and gives us the opportunity to fly it, from my point of view, it is advisable to make it come true. Thus Jura done very often, for what I said to him before the end of his days will be grateful. After all, just having wings behind you can hover over the world and to be uncomplicated, as much as possible, to the dark side of life.

I want to say about mnogostronnosti Yuri Morozov would like to discuss with various topics of art poetry religion technical aspects of the nature of the beauty of the girls about their advantages and disadvantages and of course the irony of all that is happening around. I especially enjoyed listening to his memories of his youth. I always listened to his stories with a certain table for those wonderful days, days without cars, without ever irritating and distracting mobile phone, on a romantic, almost untouched by sentiment machines, oh, if I may say so analog investigations sides of art and creativity. view photos of those times I always drape ingenuity and concise statements of these pictures looking at them, I thought that the people involved in this in the whole plan a single frame seat clothing, props that all this had to be done by hand to spend a lot of time I tried to like to hear to feel the spirit of the time because it’s representing a whole part of me was clear as captured members of what is happening. Such stories could listen for hours. I also like to design his musical albums, because they were all drawn by hand and most surprising that these illustrations on the early albums accompanied every song, it was painted by his wife Nina. and it’s amazing how sometimes people can live together. In some of the photos I’ve seen Nina all cluttered drafts of poems, poems, and other writings of the Jura was obsessed with this work and it is this obsession spark in her eyes was visible even through a photo. I still hit something Yurina ability to anticipate and foresee. reading his books very often I osoboruet that that what he described as the future is already being accomplished and had a very real event. One day talking with Yura told me about the opportunity to make a film about him one director from France, but this idea is constantly postponed it for one reason the other. And again when once again something moved, angry, he said that this film will take off after his death and I was not surprised when that is how it happened.

I liked that Yura remained dreamer despite his young age is not. we often dreamed of him as a Get out of this dark cold gray town as soon as he recovers, and fly away to warmer climes in Thailand, under the code name «Homeland» to go on the island taking only guitar camera and good mood. unfortunately our dreams have not come true. And now every time they come to the «homeland» standing on the beach, I often think about it, but as they say in their life course. Actually writing the memories of people close to you is not an easy task because every memory of them stirs the soul.