Eliyev Oleg, creative pseudonym Oley Elate.

Born in Novopolotsk, Belarus. Since 1981 he has worked with rock bands, light, sound engineer, began working with the Moscow group in 1988. In the late 80s the studio “Melody” in Moscow has become a haven for him for a couple of years, where he distinguished himself as a sound engineer.

In 1991 he moved to St. Petersburg. The two-year experience on the “Lenfilm”, has allowed to expand the creative potential of “an experimental artist.” Experiments in the record of nature, as well as electronic, ethnic music, pushed the work in the traditional style for many years. Studio “Melody”, St. Petersburg, became his next creative haven where he trained and improve their skills.

He is a composer, performer, arranger, sound engineer, and songwriter. Author of two solo projects Piano Sound and  Electro Sound.

During his artistic career he has worked closely with many Petersburg musicians, composers, arrangers. Among them: Yuri Morozov, Oleg Sokolovsky, Alexander Lyapin, Nail Kadyrov, Sergei Chigrakov, Alexander Simagin, Oleg Skiba, Andrei Vasiliev and many others. Together, embodied in the life of such projects as S.O.S (Oleg Sokolovsky) A.V.O.S. (Sokolovsky Oleg and Andrei Vasilyev), “RokMechanica” (Alexander Lyapin). Sound-producer of Petersburg Recording Studio which he is to this day.

Have extensive experience in recording helps him in building, technical equipment and professional work of its own studios, which periodically occur as a result of his creative search.

He is a member of Moscow Union of Artists, he distinguished himself in the genre of art photography. In the years ….. there were two personal exhibitions in Moscow. Works in a variety of ways the art of photography: artistic photography, report, macro, Subject photography, portrait, landscape. Passion for traveling to different countries helps him in picking up vivid images, fixing them in the context of the social, in an unpredictable perspective, with an unusual side.

Actively involved in charity work. It promotes the organization “Food for Life”. Participates in programs to support orphans, poor families. Contributes to the learning and social improvement of children by participating in the construction of schools, hospitals and individual assistance to the needy, including the distribution of free meals to the poor. Busy Greening Planet programs.